24 Jul 2019

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01 Jul 2019

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Jaideep Ramachandran Intel

Mitesh Jain Synopsis

Harsh Raju Chamarthi GE

Vasilis Papavasileiou Ocsigen


Resource-Aware Program Verification using Observation Sequences : Analysis techniques for programs designed for variable amounts of some resource

Platform Dependencies of Floating-Point Programs : They give rise to inconsistencies across compilers and hardware. How much freedom should your compiler have?

Compilation-Dependent Security Properties of Software : Detecting, fixing, and preventing information leaks (such as through side channels) introduced by security-ignorant compilers

CID: Confidentiality and Integrity of Deep Neural Networks : Protecting DNNs against attacks targeting the internal structure or the inference process

ACL2s : A powerful theorem prover.

NSF SaTC: CORE: Medium: Collaborative: Bridging the Gap Between Protocol Design and Implementation through Automated Mapping :